The Details That Separates the Winners From the Struggling People

Today we are going to go through how your attitude can make such a big difference in how successful you will become.
Take for example making a road through an area with people who are known for being great warriors and that will attack all the transports going through that particular area. And you know that they need money to buy extra food and water, something that you in this example will be sending through their lands. No this sounds like the worst situation ever, but only if you just look at the problem instead of seeing the situation through the eyes of a smart person. So instead of investing tons of money to protect your transports or building a wall that may be breached, you start thinking of making a deal with them. So instead of trying to fight this skilled people you send somebody in to negotiate with one of their leaders offering them food, water, and safe places to cross (if you build a railway) in return for them making sure that whatever you send through their lands will have a safe journey with the best guards available to protect them.

The point here is that knowing the obstacles on your route to success is good, as long as you look for the obstacles in order to find a way past them. Finding what bars the way is only half the job, and doing so without thinking of how to get past them is one of the most common mistakes that keep people from taking action. From my own experience from starting out online it was the main reason for me almost drowning in information during my first months online. Sven told me that if you keep going through all this, you will never take action. He was right; if you do not take action, you will keep reading lots of articles and e-books, and forget most of what you have read and most importantly you will keep finding new thing that you “just got to read” and new obstacles and new ways to get past them. This sounded good to start with, but when taking a closer look I found that this behaviour was actually keeping me from doing anything useful for 2 months while learning heaps of which I forgot most before the end of the month.

The point is, even if I learnt a lot from reading this articles, most of it was forgotten and while reading my business online made no progress whatsoever, I had all the information I needed to start proceeding within 3 weeks, the rest was overkill and a complete waste of time. So my advice is, when you know what marketing is about, start taking action immediately and only look for information when you find obstacles that you can not get past and never look for how to solve problems on peoples’ sales pages, unless you are using their way of writing to make your sales page better.